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Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Cruise (Clipper Premium )
Partially Guided
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8 to 12+ Nights from $2,947 w/air, hotel & air taxes*
This sample price includes ALL air taxes & fuel surcharges: priced within the past 7 days for arrival on Friday, December 05, 2014, departure from Los Angeles Intl, CA. Choose your own departure city and dates.
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Country Info
This 8 night sample itinerary includes:
  Flight into Rio de Janeiro and out of Manaus City
  4 nights in Rio de Janeiro
  Flight Rio de Janeiro to Manaus
  1 night in Manaus City
  3 nights in the Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise with full board
  Breakfast daily (most hotels)
  Hotel taxes
  Friday Departures
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Price history for this itinerary (past 7 days):

From Los Angeles Intl, CA for 8 nights
$2,946 *
From Miami FL for 8 nights
$3,237 *
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Rio de Janeiro - Manaus city - Amazon Clipper Premium for 3 nights. Friday Departures

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Flexible Itinerary
Rio de Janeiro
Day 1
Arrive to Rio de Janeiro
Private Car Airport to Hotel in Rio de Janeiro
Overnight in Rio de Janeiro    92 hotels offered
Optional   18 Things to do
Day 2
Overnight in Rio de Janeiro    92 hotels offered
Optional   18 Things to do
Day 3
Overnight in Rio de Janeiro    92 hotels offered
Optional   18 Things to do
Day 4
Overnight in Rio de Janeiro    92 hotels offered
Optional   18 Things to do
Day 5
Private Car Hotel in Rio de Janeiro to Airport
Departing from Rio de Janeiro
Transportation to next city by: Regional Air
Manaus City
Day 5
Arrive to Manaus City
Private Car Arpt to Hotel in Manaus City
Overnight in Manaus City    7 hotels offered
Optional   4 Things to do
Day 6
Departing from Manaus City
Transportation to next city by: Regional Air
Amazon Clipper Premium 3 nights - Departs Wed
Day 6 to Day 9

There are several ways to see the Amazon wonders. Amazon Clipper cruises provide you with the opportunity to see and enjoy nature at its fullest in the wonderful environment of the Amazon Rain Forest, especially at dawn and dusk.
You will experience trips with their outboard powered canoes in smaller creeks to see life on the flooded plains, rubber trees, lakes with giant water lilies, watch the birds, visit the local inhabitants and walk in the forest, always accompanied by their expedition guides; the adventure will follow with fishing for piranhas, night trips to see nocturnal animals, views of the floating docks, market and houses on stilts.

DAY 1 : Wednesday

Meet at the lobby of the Hotel Tropical at 2:00pm. Board the Amazon Clipper and depart towards the Amazon River, while we enjoy a welcome drink and are informed about the routes and facilities. After a snack, we'll meet in the leisure room for lectures about the Amazon, from which we can get a better understanding of the ecology of the Amazon. Before dinner, there will be time to enjoy a caipirinha, Brazil's national drink, while watching the sunset. After dinner, we'll explore the streams and ponds, and with the help of spotlights we'll search for crocodiles and alligators, and sometimes even night-hawks, snakes, sloths and frogs.

DAY 2 : Thursday

Early in the morning we'll explore the rivers and ponds in our canoes and encounter birds that feed on fruits, such as parrots and toucans. After breakfast, we'll leave for a walk through the jungle, discovering surprising fragrances in the leaves, fruits, woods and animals. Around noon we'll return, and before lunch we can go for a swim. In the afternoon, we'll navigate through the Anavilhanas National Park, one of the largest freshwater archipelagos in the world. In the late afternoon, we'll go out in canoes and learn more about the wonderful natural park.

DAY 3 : Friday

Early in the morning we'll spend some time fishing for piranhas and other fish. After breakfast, we'll visit a community where we'll find many typical fruits of the Amazon, such as cupuaçu and taperebá, palms such as açaí, tucumã and pupunha. We'll learn about the preparation of farinha de mandioca (cassava flour) as well as the health and education system of the local children. After lunch, we'll stop at one of the beautiful white-sand beaches to swim in the dark water and watch the pink dolphins. In the late afternoon, we'll explore the area by canoe and observe the wildlife. Dinner will be served on the way towards the Amazon River.

DAY 4 : Saturday

Early in the morning we'll explore the Lake January Ecological Park. This area is generally a great place to observe wildlife and see Vitória Regia, the giant water lilies. While we have breakfast, the boat will begin its navigation towards the "Meeting of the Waters" - a unique spectacle where the muddy waters of the Amazon and the dark waters of Rio Negro flow side by side without mixing for several miles. Making the trip back, we'll pass by Manaus, observing the floating docks, the market, the old customs house, and the Opera dome, arriving around 11:30 on the Pier of Tropical Hotel. This marks the end of the services.

Changes in Routing:
Amazon Clipper reserves the right to change itineraries without consulting or warning participants of the tour, depending on the natural conditions prevailing at the time, such as weather conditions or river water level. The Captain has full authorization to modify itineraries in the interest of the passengers and the safety of the vessel, and to ensure the better enjoyment of the trip. During Rainy Season (May to July) and Dry Season (October to December) peak periods, occasional floods or severe drought may occur causing some lodges to reschedule or replace activities/tours. E.g.: walking tours may only be done by boat or may even be replaced by other options (rainy season); longer walks with detours from river banks to lodges or other areas may be required including bridges over mud puddles or springs (dry season).

Your 3-night cruise includes:

English speaking guide
All meals scheduled on board
Tours and service in regular basis according to the program
Pick up and drop off at Tropical Manaus pier only

Not included:
Transfer to/from airport or any other hotel in the city, alcoholic beverages and personal expenses.

Day 6
Arrive to Manaus - Amazon
Overnight in Manaus - Amazon    21 hotels offered
Day 7
Overnight in Manaus - Amazon    21 hotels offered
Day 8
Overnight in Manaus - Amazon    21 hotels offered
Day 9
Manaus Pier to Airport or Hotel
Departing from Manaus - Amazon

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With Int'l Flight
Without Int'l Flight

Arrival date
1. Rio de Janeiro ( 92 hotels)
2. Manaus City ( 7 hotels)
3. Package from Manaus - Amazon
3 nights
Amazon Clipper Premium 3 nights - Departs Wed
Child Age(s)
Please contact us for any special arrangements such as more than one room and partial stays.

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With 4,600 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, and topical temperatures throughout the year Brazil is celebrated for its gorgeous beaches, fabulous culture, exotic landscapes, and legendary Carnival in the "marvelous city", of Rio de Janeiro. Its natural wonders, including Iguassu Falls, the Pantanal National Park, and thousands of sq. miles of Amazon rainforests, host a sensational wealth of biodiversity and make Brazil a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and eco-tourists. Its staggering beauty, vibrant people, and distinctive way of life makes Brazil one of the world's most exciting, and memorable vacation destinations.

Design a customized itinerary that lets you experience the best of Brazil, at the lowest possible real time prices: see how...
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Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Cruise (Clipper Premium )
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in the southern hemisphere, owing at least partially to the 2,000,000 people that pour into its streets, hotels, clubs and restaurants each year for Rio's legendary Carnival celebration, but any time is a good time to visit Rio, and revelers flock to this exhilarating city to enjoy its stunning vistas, perfect weather, sizzling nightlife, and fabled white sand urban beaches with alluring names like Copacabana, and Ipanema, that evoke samba music, and a uniquly Brazilian sensuality.

Other famous landmarks here include the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer ('Cristo Redentor') perched at the top of Corcavado Mountain, and Rios's most recognizable natural monument, Sugarloaf mountain (Pão de Açúcar) with its network of cable cars straddling the ocean and the Baia de Guanabara.

Rio has been selected to host, both the final match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics, the first South American country to ever be so honored, so in a city already passionate about sports, especially futball, one could assume that the parties have already started and will continue through 2016, unless that is Brazil wins the World Cup. In that case, all predicitions are off.

Rio de Janeiro is without question a city that people just love to visit, and the reasons for this are as inexhaustible as things to do in this electrifying city, With four and five star accommodations lining Rio's beachfront strips, and stylish boutiques available in its historic Harbor District, Rio make a perfect centaral hub for connections to and from just about all of Brazil's spectacular destinations. Our featured Rio itineraries, can help show you how to link the "Marvelous City," as it is know in Brazil, with the rest of this remarkable country. Samba anyone?
Manaus City
Manaus is the capital of Amazonas State, located on the Negro River near its confluence with the Amazon. It is the chief port and a hub for the region's extensive river system.

Once an extremely rich city due to the international rubber trade, but today tourism is Manaus City's primary source of revenue, and its economy is inexorably tied to the Amazon River and its massive rainforests.

It is the gateway and hub for the entire Amazon region in Brazil, and an important stop for travelers en route to river cruises or jungle lodges throughout the area.

With thousands of fish, bird, mammal and reptiles species, and new species being documented all the time, there is an inexhaustible variety of things to do and see.
Manaus - Amazon
The massive Amazon River begins at the convergence of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes just nearby the city of Manaus in Brazil's Amazonas state. It is here that most Brazilian Amazon adventures begin.

With 20% of the world's fresh water and one third of it living species, The Amazon is far and away the biggest river in the world by volume, accounting for one fifth of the earth s total water flow.

Most visitors are here to explore the most complex eco-system in the world , a biosphere that hosts thousands of fish, bird, mammal and reptiles species, with new ones being documented all the time, and whether you choose a luxury cruise through the Amazon's vast network of tributaries, or a rainforest lodge, the Amazon River offers an opportunity to witness an awesome force of nature.

A visit to the Manaus- Amazon is an unforgettable experience, and our flexible itineraries offer wide range of accommodation choices, and cruises that can be linked to other natural wonders, and exhilarating Brazilian destinations.
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