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Belize is perfect for outdoors lovers, offering amazing sightseeing options at its famous nature lodges, elegant boutique hotels located in the middle of the jungle. Visitors can enjoy cave tours, night walks, hikes, and bird watching. Close encounters with Wildlife are pretty much guaranteed from any Belizian Jungle Lodge. River tours in Lamanai will surprise you with Crocodiles, Howler Monkeys and dozens of birds. tours in Punta Gorda offers fabulous birding. Green Iguanas and Dragon-like Lizards are easily found in San Ignacio. Although being Beach areas, Placencia and Hopkins offer easy access to the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar reserve. Below you will find itineraries including some of the best jungle lodges in Belize, located in picturesque areas such as Punta Gorda in Southern Belize; Lamanai and Chan Chich in Orange Walk; and San Ignacio. and Mountain Pine. in Cayo District. Most itineraries combine jungle lodges stays with beaches and cayes. like Ambergris Caye, Placencia, Hopkins and Turneffe Islands.
Once a major waterway for the ancient Maya, the New River meanders through Orange Walk District linking its towns and villages, primal jungles, sugar cane farms, and some of Belize's most awe inspiring ruins. The Lamanai Mayan site serves as ...
The Chan Chich Lodge is a destination unto itself, with 130,000 acres of private nature preserve known as Gallon Jug. The Lodge sits on the plaza of an ancient Maya city, and is an ideal location for bird watchers, nature enthusiasts or anyone ...
San Ignacio Town is cradled in a beautiful valley just south of where the Mopan and Macal Rivers converge, its Cayo District location makes it convenient to many of Belize's most popular outdoor attractions, including the Mountain Pine Ridge ...
The Mountain Pine Ridge is 300 square miles of granite and pine, smack in the middle of the otherwise tropical Cayo district of Belize. Its magnificent vistas, gorges, caves, and waterfalls are what makes this such a popular destination. ...
Punta Gorda is located in the Toledo district, and is the largest town in Southern Belize. The area is rich with lush rainforests, waterfalls and rivers, and extensive cave systems. The numerous national parks and protected areas are swarming with ...
Belize Destinations:
Chan Chich - Gallon Jug  
San Ignacio  
Mountain Pine Ridge  
Punta Gorda  
Suggested Itineraries:
Lamanai - San Ignacio - Ambergris Caye
Chan Chich - Mountain Pine - Placencia 8 nights from $2,808 *
Lamanai - Mountain Pine Ridge - Ambergris Caye
Lamanai - Ambergris Caye 5 nights from $1,691 *
Chan Chich - San Ignacio - Ambergris 7 nights from $2,254 *
San Ignacio - Ambergris Caye 6 nights from $1,399 *
Mountain Pine Ridge - Hopkins - Ambergris Caye 9 nights from $2,021 *
Punta Gorda - Placencia 6 nights from $2,248 *
Lamanai - San Ignacio - Placencia
San Ignacio - Placencia - Turneffe Islands 10 nights from $2,863 *
Chan Chich - Ambergris 6 nights from $2,338 *
Mountain Pine Ridge - Hopkins 6 nights from $1,678 *
Punta Gorda - Ambergris Caye 6 nights from $2,198 *
Lamanai - Punta Gorda - Placencia 8 nights from $2,851 *
More Itineraries:
Coppolas Hideaways in Guatemala and Belize 9 nights from $2,457 *
San Ignacio and Placencia with Car Rental 6 nights from $1,369 *
Mountain Pine Ridge - Ambergris Caye 6 nights from $1,995 *
Lamanai - Placencia 6 nights from $2,050 *
Belize in Style
Lamanai - Hopkins Beach
Mountain Pine Ridge - Placencia
Mountain Pine and Placencia with Car Rental 6 nights from $1,403 *
San Ignacio - Hopkins 6 nights from $1,605 *
San Ignacio - Tikal - Antigua 7 nights from $1,799 *
Antigua - Tikal - San Ignacio - Ambergris Caye 9 nights from $1,957 *
Belize - Guatemala - Mexico 8 nights from $2,062 *
Lamanai - San Ignacio - Hopkins 7 nights from $2,321 *
Lamanai - San Ignacio - Placencia - Ambergris 9 nights from $2,437 *
San Ignacio - Placencia
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Chan Chich - Gallon Jug
San Ignacio
Mountain Pine Ridge
Punta Gorda
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