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Manaus is the capital of Amazonas State, located on the Negro River near its confluence with the Amazon. It is the chief port and a hub for the region's extensive river system. Once an extremely rich city due to the international rubber trade, but today tourism is Manaus City's primary source of revenue, and its economy is inexorably tied to the Amazon River and its massive rainforests. It is the gateway and hub for the entire Amazon region in Brazil, and an important stop for travelers en route to river cruises or jungle lodges throughout the area. With thousands of fish, bird, mammal and reptiles species, and new species being documented all the time, there is an inexhaustible variety of things to do and see.
Manaus City Gateway:
Brazil destinations:
Rio de Janeiro  
Iguassu Falls  
Salvador da Bahia  
Manaus - Amazon  
Ouro Preto  
Praia do Forte  
Manaus City Hotels:
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  3 hotels
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7 hotels in Manaus City
Featured Manaus City Itineraries:
Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Lodge 7 nights from $2,442 *
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Amazon Lodge 8 nights from $2,755 *
Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Cruise (Iberostar) 8 nights from $2,925 *
Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Cruise (Clipper Premium ) 8 nights from $2,947 *
Rio - Amazon Lodge - Praia do Forte 9 nights from $2,985 *
More suggested Itineraries:
Rio - Amazon Cruise (Clipper Premium) - Salvador 10 nights from $3,404 *
Rio - Amazon Cruise (Iberostar) - Salvador 10 nights from $3,411 *
Brazilian Voyage (Amazon Clipper Cruise) 9 nights from $3,581 *
Brazil Adventure (Iberostar Grand Amazon) 12 nights from $4,523 *
Brazil Explorer (Amazon Clipper Cruise) 12 nights from $4,594 *
Rio - Iguazu Falls - Pantanal - Amazon Lodge 11 nights from $4,655 *
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu - 4 nts Amazon Cruise 9 nights from $6,485 *
Customize Suggested Itineraries
Combine destinations within Brazil:
Rio de Janeiro
Iguassu Falls
Salvador da Bahia
Manaus - Amazon
Ouro Preto
Praia do Forte
and/or destinations in other countries:
Buenos Aires
El Calafate - Lago Argentino
Iguazu Falls
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